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Neon Spheres

Advanced Technology

At GP&G Corp. we are proud to offer high-quality manufacturing services. Our team uses the latest technology and machinery to produce superior parts and components. Below you can see some of our many mills, lathes, mill-turn, gun drills and gear cutting machines. All programmed using state-of-the-art manufacturing software with hyper accurate simulation models. We are committed to providing timely and efficient services with quality results. 


CNC Mills

Up to 5 - Axis of capability with Probing for In-Process Inspection and Tool-break detection.

Ideal for Efficiently Machining Complex Parts.

CNC Lathes

Up to 4 - Axis of capability with Tool-break detection, Probing, Bar feeders, and Live tooling.

Ready for your "Lights-Out" Machining.

HAAS ST-20Y with Bar Feeder_JPG.jpeg
INTEGREX i-H Bar Feeder_1.png

CNC Mill -Turns

Up to 8 - Axis of capability with Tool-break detection, Probing for In-Process Inspection, Bar feeders, and Robotic unloading.

Perfect for "Lights-Out" Machining of Complex Parts and Difficult to Machine Aerospace Alloys.

Gear Manufacturing Machines

Both Hobbing and Shaping Machines, Almost any Tooth form, Internal or External.

Diameters ranging from 1/4" to 24".

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